5 Fast 5 Furious

Super fun time making this video. The 5 things we do in a rush drink coffee,tie shoes,race out the door, drive fast, (almost) forget wallet .The power of 5 was a little difficult but, I was really trying to do something unique. It was a little rushed but, I think it makes the video even better. I did all post editing in imovie and found my sound on youtube. The music in the video I do not own but, I do provide list of copyrighted material in the film in the end credits. This was a good experience and I found that I am still a little rusty with managing sound levels as you can probably tell the audio is a little static. Overall, this was a fun project and look forward to making more short videos. I really like the idea of having a time limit on these kind of projects it really forces you to be creative and to use your environment and what you already know in regards to editing and creating. This video was shot on a Canon T5I. The location was my house and my drive to school.



  1. bm9k (Kendrick) · November 15, 2015

    The music transition made me laugh, wasn’t expecting that. Also I like how towards the end your feet are in sync with the “bing bing”.


  2. emeryforrest · November 17, 2015

    I like that the video looked like it was filmed while you were jittery, like you had to much coffee. It adds to the effect. Good job!


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