PROJECT : Stratus Media

So here we are. This place. This moment. The final project of my Intro to media course. It was a long road to get here numerous ups and downs. It felt like one step forward created ten steps backwards. In the end, it came to beautiful fruition. This is my project : Stratus Media.

The future is quickly grabbing hold and technology couldn’t be evolving more quickly. In this day and age I choose to attempt to make a video using numerous cameras including a drone for the finale. I wanted to show in my video the progression of technology in the film/media industry. I began the shoot in my car one hand on the wheel and one hand on a Canon T5-i. I took numerous shots of the road and the sky to give the audience a sensation of movement and time. Moving along I found a piece of property in Veneta, Or and got permission to film  on a 25 acre ranch. I shot numerous takes of the drone on a table to show my audience its frame and camera. Then I move on to showing me scouting a position for take-off. The drone was actually extremely hard to fly. This was my first time flying the drone and its was so incredible. This project was so much fun.




  1. jennalay · December 5, 2015

    You have some really nice shots in here, like wow. The music was great and your shot transitions were done well, great job!


  2. justicebishop · December 11, 2015

    Very beautiful video, Tyler. I hope you continue doing film projects you have a lot of talen


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